Flyway Film Fest Update Oct 25, Day 3

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Day 3 begins. Got up as early usual, showered, waited a couple hours and drove to Maiden Rock Sixth String at 7am for coffee and work prior to friends showing up. Sunrise on the Mississippi again glorious. Breakfast was tasty and inexpensive. Now at 10:30 am it is 63 degrees and sunny. The day is warming up. Jake and David appeared about 8 as planned.

Great food and conversation made our morning until about 10 when David and I headed to the WideSpot In Stockholm and Jake headed across the street for a filmmaker mentoring session offered by some of the film professionals who conducted panels here.

At the WideSpot in Stockholm people gathered waiting for movies to begin. First up the fresh, funny and enjoyable narrative feature from director Kristjan Knigge ‘The Right Juice’. made in Portugal. In from Amsterdam, Kristjan is a delightful funny man with a rapier wit and I’m was delighted to chat with him the previous evening and see his feature.

During Q & A Kristjan related his process for creating the feature using the ‘what if’ method of questioning and the number of contributed ideas and drafts on the way to the feature script. He shot film in 32 days a lengthy schedule for a European micro-budget film.

From here Kristjan, David headed over to Gelly’s. The place was packed, the deck had one table where a gentleman and his wife sat, there from Madison. These two were not attending the film festival Pepin and Stockholm are tourist areas as well so many people come from all around to enjoy the ambiance and the shops. They were gracious enough to let David, Kristjan, Chad, Jake and myself join them. It turns out their son is a filmmaker now living in NYC so they were all ears about this festival so they could inform him. Small world after all.

I will not mention or highlight all films or filmmakers. I apologize to the filmmakers and readers but because, obviously, I can’t be in all places at once I don’t cover all the films or events. Many fine films and people will go without me referencing them. I wish it was otherwise but… I do what I can. Also, I do not review the films.

I have to admit I love film but I really don’t attend film festivals to watch films. I go to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and enjoy the people. If I catch some films great but if not I got to spend time with talented thinkers and doers and learn from them in person.

David ended up leaving to work at festival, Jake left to watch the controversial film ‘The Tribe’ directed by Myroslay Slaboshpytskly while Chad, Kristjan and I talked film philosophy and practice the rest of the day and evening. We dined at the Pickle Factory on the back deck with incredible view of the river and kept talking and hanging out there and at the Filmmaker Lounge until the shorts program at 8pm.

There were other films I really did intend to see but we were unable to get there in time. I hope I am able to catch up on these very soon. Some fine filmmakers presented.

The Saturday Night Short Films Included the animated ‘The Crazy Misadventures of Christ’ (USA) directed by George Bro; ‘His New Hands’ (USA) directed by Sadhanshu Saria; ‘Last Of You’ (Isreal) directed by Dan Sacher; ‘Bernard Le Grand’ (Canada) directed by Phillippe Lupien & Marie-Helene Viens; ‘Decimation’ (USA) directed by Wade Jackson and ‘She’s Having A Baby’ (Australia) directed y Chis & Robert Smellin. This evening’s programming generated much discussion among the cohorts I have been hanging with.

That was it for films I saw.

Back to the filmmaker lounge. Food and drink of course. I got to sit an catch up with Allison Lisk a pleasure at any time. Later I and Jake went over to film office to chat quietly out front because the music got far too loud at the lounge. Dancing and merriment made for late night among the filmmaker friends.

Plotting and planning a few new projects has been the course of this festival and it is exciting to think about collaborating with fine talented friends.

Late night I ventured back to the room for sleep so I can get up early to begin the final day at Flyway. We will be back at Maiden Rock for brekky. All in all a very good day today. From conversations with others I have not mentioned, some pretty wonderful films were screened.

The weather today was fabulous. Sunny, warm beautiful. A wonderful day to be outside between films for all.

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