Flyway Film Festival Oct 26, Day 4 Final Day 2014

flyway film fest

This day started as the previous days have.  Up early, got ready and drove to Maiden Rock for breakfast. Worked on computer. Published yesterday’s blog and began today’s. Beautiful sunrise.

Waited on friends for breakfast while working and chatting with waitstaff. Shortly, friends arrived. Jeremy Wilker, Jerry Bell, Jake Stetler and Perry showed up to eat.

First short of the day ‘Nostalgic’ (USA) directed by Ronald Eltanal provided a intriguing look into the deterioration of memory.

The first feature of the day I attended at The WideSpot in Stockholm was the well made and engaging ‘North Passage’ (USA) director Kevin Pontuti who answered questions afterwards. Kevin is instructor at UW-Stout.

Spent time chatting with Anna Weiss and others out front of the filmmaker lounge. Then David Potter and I sat along the river front discussing film projects enjoying the gorgeous weather. Jake arrived, David had to run Jake and I dined at the fabulous Harbor View and had an incredible dinner.

Back to the WideSpot to see the final feature of the festival. Caught Michael T Vollman’s touching short ‘Before You’. I have known Michael for many years but haven’t chatted with him for some time. He did not attend the fest but I was so glad I caught this delightful film about his first child.

Alex R Johnson answered questions after the showing of his gritty, violent, festival winner ‘Two Step’. I liked this film too.

The Flyway Film Festival official closed. Those of us remaining returned to the filmmaker lounge.

There were more people than I can remember or name but those I am able to included, Rick and Diana Vaicius, Allison, Beth, Jerry, David Potter, Kristjan Knigge, Jim Brunzell, Vince Colombo and his wife (forgive me I can’t recall her name), Jake Stetler, Frederick Thornton, Alex Gioulakis,  Alex R Johnson, and others (forgive me).

Food and drink and hanging out late is how our evening ended. I returned to the cabin I stayed at – now the only person at the camp grounds which proved spooky cool.

A huge hug and thanks to all the festival volunteers and staff who made Flyway number 7 a big hit with all of us filmmakers and fans. A big round of applause to all of you AND to all the filmmakers who showed movies. I understand there were many good shorts, docs and features from all the discussion that was had.

Programming is excellent at Flyway and makes it a wonderful festival for that reason, but not that reason alone. A big hug and thanks to all the filmmakers and fans who attended, those who screened films and those who didn’t and to all the fans. A truly fabulous Flyway for 2014 and I am already looking forward to next year.

Addendum: Monday October 27.

Up early. Met Jake at his hotel and separately we drove to Beth’s Twin Bluffs Cafe for a final Flyway breakfast together. Good food, conversation and time spent hanging out. I left to drive back to Milwaukee arriving about 5 hours later and am typing these words.

Jake went back to pick up Fred and Alex and together drive to Minneapolis airport where the two producers return to L A and director Jake returns to Pennsylvania.

Thanks everyone for all the fine films and fond memories.

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