Weyauwega Int’l Film Fest, Year Four, Day 3. Nov 12-15


Day 3 began way before my delicious breakfast but once that was completed I traveled into Waupaca and stopped on Main Street at the local Nutrition Center for some coconut water to take with me to the Gerold Opera House. One of my favorite beverages and I forgot to pack some for this trip.

Movies began earlier today. 10am and there have been a bunch of really cool shorts. I enjoyed a fascinating documentary feature on the domestic terrorist standoff at the Washington Monument in 1982, ‘Oracles Of Pennsylvania Avenue’. Directed by Tim Wilkerson this appears to be an Egypt, USA joint venture but I am unclear how.

Today the offerings are mostly narrative shorts, a few that are animated, some documentary shorts, a narrative feature and 3 documentary features. Most of the shorts are from overseas, a couple from around US and numerous from Wisconsin.

Given that Scott Walker was again elected to office earlier this month I was looking forward to Wisconsin’s Brad Lichtenstein (and Movie Beat guest) doc short on ‘Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff’. Moves by Walker and his opponents were controversial then and now so I am looked forward to seeing how the situation is covered by Brad.

weyauwega film fest 2014

Because it is a documentary issue pertinent to Wisconsin an impromptu discussion arose concerning what was and is happening inside this state. Questions were raised about citizens’ ability to discern if media reports accurately reflect the issue and to how to be best informed.

People need to be able to determine whether or not some of these actions benefit or harm the land and individuals. We cannot act appropriately or responsibly  if we do not have access to correct information. These days, in my opinion, getting raw data without editorial bias or political agenda is rare, sadly, very rare.

Whether you agree with the filmmaker’s presentation or not I believe this is what good documentary should do. It should stimulate thinking and investigative thinking and action from concerned viewers. That, for me, is a more worthwhile  endeavor, to explore the topic so people can make up their own minds and actions, than to present a biased filmmaker viewpoint telling the audience how it should think. Seems there is room enough in the world for numerous ways to cover topical stories.

I got to meet and converse with Chris M. Jones, who graduated and returned from Vancouver Film School, a student and friend of my friend and Movie Beat guest director and educator Peter D Marshall. The world is small indeed, and I look forward to catching up more with Chris.

Just came across this link to article on ‘Bucky & The Squirrels’ and have included the link. The film debuts here tomorrow, Saturday the 15th in the evening. You may want to come on out and check it out.

L A based writer, producer and film’s Director Allen Katz will be in attendance. Other local cast and crew are sure to show up. Read the article it is a nicely done piece.

Comedy Filmed In Appleton Ready For The Big Screen

If you look closely you will see yours truly in a number of pics in the article. Lawrence University partnered to produce the feature, but it was a professional cast and crew who made the film.

weyauwega break time 2014

In 2010 Ronald Kolman directed a pilot, ‘Woody’s World’. I produced, was UPM and had role and we allied then with MATC in Milwaukee to give students an opportunity to learn first hand what it is like to work a professional set and meet real world deadlines.

All things considered, LU had played a larger part int the production of Bucky. Our difficulty was that MATC, who very much wanted the program, couldn’t allow students to work the entire shoot from beginning to end because of class schedule and finals.

Since the students couldn’t take leave of their other courses and be there full time for the duration of the shoot we utilized our own professional crew. A handful of students came in to shadow the pros from time to time. Hardly ideal and not the plan we had all moved forward on.

Plus, we had one instructor who attempt to insert himself into the mix causing us delays and issues. He was out of line and was acting on his own behalf. He came around for two days before we learned that he was not authorized to be there by the school. Still we managed to complete the project ahead of schedule due to the hard working commitments of the pros I brought onto the project.

This is not a reflection on MATC, it is a fine school. Overall, there were challenges but I think it was a positive learning experience for all of us. The students who showed up when they could were awesome as well.

I am looking forward to seeing ‘Bucky and the Squirrels’ for the first time with others I may have met and worked with for awhile. I have made some long lasting friendships because of that project for which I am glad. Let me know what you think of the article. I thought the writer did a nice job.

weauwega sudeince from back 2014

Today the festival attendance grew and by evening audience size was quite nice.

The 5pm narrative directed by Drew Britton, ‘When The King Tilts’ was charming and humorous. Drew was in attendance and answered questions during the Q & A. Listening to him speak about working with actors and the themes of this movie impressed me. I am very happy to have seen and enjoyed this movie.

Weyauwega native filmmaker Adam Zuehlke, in attendance, screened two short films. ‘Sad Clown’ and ‘Evergreen’. He was greeted with a rousing standing ovation by those in attendance as he made his way up front for the Q & A. Both films were very nicely done. Currently, he’s got the financing to shoot a pilot in the Minneapolis area and is developing Evergreen as a feature.

A party with finger food, popcorn and the cash bar followed the final film. It continues as I say good night.

An enjoyable day. I am looking forward to all the festival fun and film tomorrow on the final day! Come on out and enjoy!


OH By they way some of my upcoming guest on Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat include; producer Rocky Lang, director Bill Rebane, director Peter Marshall, writer, producer Michael Frost Beckner, Actors Michael Spears and Eddie Spears and others. So be sure to stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

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